Wireless Tattoo Pen With Lithium Battery Pen Tattoo Needle Motor Portable Rechargeable Tattoo Machine

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Wireless Tattoo Pen With Lithium Battery Pen Tattoo Needle Motor Portable Rechargeable Tattoo Machine

Wireless Tattoo Pen With Lithium Battery Pen Tattoo Needle Motor Portable Rechargeable Tattoo Machine

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Name: Second generation wireless lithium battery tattoo pen Selection: Upper half: round; lower half: hollow cup motor Net Weight: Round: 209g Gross weight: 345g Size: 153* (square 32mm for battery, 33mm for round), (31.5-32.5mm for handshake, concave-convex surface) Package: Lithium battery tattoo pen + USB power cord Color: black black circle Structure: built-in lithium battery, one-piece tattoo pen, the middle can be unscrewed to replace the upper half of the lithium battery;Applicable: 1. Android USB data cable 2. Most of the one-piece pins on the market (Xia'an standard size) 3. There is no charging head in the configuration, and the mobile phone charging head can be used directly; Product parameters: 1. Material: Aluminum alloy; 2. Process: CNC integrated carving; 3. Charging interface: Android USB cable interface; 4. Battery capacity: 1800mA (mAh); 5. Charging time: fast charging, it can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours without electricity; 6. Use time: The output current is 2.0A, under normal 8V voltage, it can work continuously for more than 7 hours, the voltage is stable, and it can be used intermittently for about 8 hours; 7. LCD display content: working time count (hour-minute count) + two-digit output voltage + battery capacity; 8. Motor: hollow cup motor (9V12000 rpm); 9. Stroke: 0-0.35mm; 10. Start-up voltage: with its own memory function, the start-up voltage is the value of the last shutdown voltage;11. Operating voltage range: 5-12V; Instructions for use: The device is a tattoo pen with a built-in lithium battery, which can be used directly without foot pedals and hooks. It consists of two parts: 1. The upper half of the lithium battery power supply 2. The lower half of the tattoo pen; the middle part can be unscrewed to replace the upper half of the lithium battery , the specific functions are as follows: 1. Power on: Press and hold the middle "O" key for 5 seconds to power on, then press and hold for 5 seconds to power off; 2. Pause: During normal work, short press the "O" key to suspend work, and short press it again to resume work; 3. Adjust the voltage: press the "+" or "-" key to adjust the voltage gear, each press adjusts 0.5V, voltage: 5V, voltage 12V; 4. Battery display: It is displayed on the LCD screen, it is fully charged to 4 grids, and it needs to be charged when 1 grid is left; 5. Daily charging: external charging port, use Android USB data cable to charge;Power parameters: 1. Input: The device is charged through the USB charging port, and then the lithium battery is charged. The built-in battery is 3 pieces, 600mA/piece, 3.7V battery; 2. Output: The output current is fixed at 2A, the lithium battery releases the stored electricity through the start of the switch key, and supplies power to the built-in motor, thereby starting the tattoo pen. Voltage gear: (5-12V) Press the "+" or "-" key to switch the voltage gear, 5V is the voltage, 12V is the voltage, and the adjustment range is 0.5V each time; 3. Power storage: It can be charged through the matching USB data cable. It can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours in a normal state of no power, and it can be fully charged to 4 cells. When it is turned on at 8V, it can be used normally for more than 7 hours, and the voltage is stable. When there is a remaining battery of electricity, it needs to be charged to ensure the normal use of the next; Product Features: 1. Easy to operate and easy to use, one pen can work, no need to foot the hook for power supply; 2. High-definition LCD display, large screen, beautiful appearance; 3. The battery life is enhanced, and the working time is at least 7 hours to ensure stable output; 4. Diversified display, direct display of working time and voltage, intuitive, convenient and practical; 5. The handshaking part is carved with a non-slip design, which is not tired after long-term use, and does not slip when sweating; 6. The upper half of the lithium battery can be purchased separately for replacement, multiple spares, emergency and worry-free; 7. Can be used with RCA converters, use power, hook and pedal to operate, one stroke can be used for multiple purposes; 8. The needle mouth is the standard size of Cheyenne, which is suitable for most of the one-piece needles on the market; 9. LOGO can be laser engraved, free from 20 sets, and the lower half of the style can be customized for large quantities; 10. Enhanced output, 2.0A output, to ensure enough power, secant line and fog with ease; 11. The stainless steel positioning steel ball is built in the adjustment handle part, and the adjustment, the sound is crisp and the use effect.
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