Pretend Jewelry





Age Group


Price Range

Price Range
Imperial Officer Ranking Bar - Red and Blue x 4 - Major
Imperial Officer Ranking Bar - Red and Blue x 4 - Major AED34.95
Necklace Pearl
Necklace Pearl AED40.95
Key Chain Spider
Key Chain Spider AED84.00
Cleopatra Snake Neaklace
Cleopatra Snake Neaklace AED119.00
Spooky Eyes Stockings
Spooky Eyes Stockings AED44.95
3 Pk Studs Earrings
3 Pk Studs Earrings AED74.00
Earrings Ghost
Earrings Ghost AED40.95
Steampunk Wristlet Gloves
Steampunk Wristlet Gloves AED99.00
Steampunk Leg Holster
Steampunk Leg Holster AED129.00
Tights Haunted House
Tights Haunted House AED104.00
Bat Wings
Bat Wings AED99.00
Medusa Headpiece
Medusa Headpiece AED119.00
Asp Armband - 16176
Asp Armband - 16176 AED74.00
Ear Cuff Snake
Ear Cuff Snake AED74.00
Spider Set Earrings Necklace Ring
Spider Set Earrings Necklace Ring AED99.00
9 Pk Studs Earrings
9 Pk Studs Earrings AED84.00
Day Of Dead Skull Hairclip
Day Of Dead Skull Hairclip AED84.00
6 Pk Studs Earrings
6 Pk Studs Earrings AED79.00
Skull Printed Tights Child
Skull Printed Tights Child AED79.00
Pumplin /Cat Earrings Set
Pumplin /Cat Earrings Set AED74.00
Bracelet Triangle Slave Gold
Bracelet Triangle Slave Gold AED99.00
Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Green
Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Green AED40.95
Snake Arm Band Gold
Snake Arm Band Gold AED79.00
Headpiece Egyptian Gold Gold
Headpiece Egyptian Gold Gold AED139.00
Beads 33In 7 1/2 Mm Slv
Beads 33In 7 1/2 Mm Slv AED40.95
Skeletons Earrings
Skeletons Earrings AED79.00
Steampunk Style Gear Earrings
Steampunk Style Gear Earrings AED74.00
Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Gold
Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Gold AED40.95
Fairy Set
Fairy Set AED139.00
Bat Ring
Bat Ring AED79.00
Spider Set Necklace Ring
Spider Set Necklace Ring AED99.00
Optical Illusuion Stockings
Optical Illusuion Stockings AED84.00
Cat Ears Sequin Adult
Cat Ears Sequin Adult AED44.95
Skeleton Ptinted Tights
Skeleton Ptinted Tights AED74.00
Cleopatra Armband
Cleopatra Armband AED119.00
Snake Earrings
Snake Earrings AED74.00
Pirate Boots Black
Pirate Boots Black AED419.00
Coffin Pendant
Coffin Pendant AED79.00
Mod Earrings
Mod Earrings AED44.95
Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Royal
Beads 33In 7 1/2Mm Royal AED40.95
Earrings Cat
Earrings Cat AED40.95
Fang Necklace
Fang Necklace AED74.00
Day Of Dead Necklace
Day Of Dead Necklace AED74.00
Beads 48In 10Mm Metalic 12Eq 1
Beads 48In 10Mm Metalic 12Eq 1 AED84.00
Necklace Snake Silver
Necklace Snake Silver AED79.00
Feather Peacock
Feather Peacock AED40.95
Spiral Snake Armband
Spiral Snake Armband AED79.00
Beads 33In 6Mm 144 Eq 1
Beads 33In 6Mm 144 Eq 1 AED149.00
Day Of Dead Choker
Day Of Dead Choker AED79.00
Disstressed Stripes Stockings
Disstressed Stripes Stockings AED74.00
Scarf Infinity Pumpkin
Scarf Infinity Pumpkin AED84.00
Spider Necklace
Spider Necklace AED74.00
Mouse Ears Adult
Mouse Ears Adult AED84.00
Spider Web Earrings
Spider Web Earrings AED74.00
Halo Master Chief Sunstaches
Halo Master Chief Sunstaches AED99.00
Skull Bopper Headband
Skull Bopper Headband AED44.95
Scarf Infinity Spider Web
Scarf Infinity Spider Web AED84.00
Military Pin Set
Military Pin Set AED99.00
Cat Ears Gold Adult
Cat Ears Gold Adult AED74.00
Steampunk Wrist Cuffs
Steampunk Wrist Cuffs AED99.00
Earring Wrap Skull
Earring Wrap Skull AED74.00
Bnov Bracelet Gold Bangle
Bnov Bracelet Gold Bangle AED16.95
Bnov Disco Ball Earrings
Bnov Disco Ball Earrings AED12.95
Leg Warmers Blue Adult
Leg Warmers Blue Adult AED44.95